The Fitness, Wellness, Health & Combat sports Expo

The 26th October will be a day which is entirely reserved for professionals, with suitable opening hours. On the day, the trade show will host professional visitors only, between 2 and 9 pm.
The day’s aim is to enable meetings between professionals and exhibitors in a more relaxed and calm atmosphere due to the limited traffic flow, in the spirit of event marketing.
A day dedicated to trade relationships: to create and strengthen business relations, and solidly establish a presence and gain recognition within one’s own activity sector.

Opening time

‘Professional day’, from 10 am to 6 pm

from 10 am to 21 pm, general public

from 10 am to 21 pm, general public

Purchase of tickets

No presale tickets !

There is no presale system, tickets will be sold on site.

Free for children

Admission is free for children under 12 years old ≈1,5m

Some activities require pre-registration.
Registration fees for these activities also give free entrance to the trade fair as well as to the free trade fair activities (worth 10€)..