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25th - 26th - 27th October


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From 26 to 28 October 2018, the first edition of BodyFit-Mons® will take place at the Lotto Mons Expo in Mons. It will be a fair for professionals and fans of fitness, bodybuilding and martial arts, organised by Fairpak.
At this event you will discover the innovations in equipment, technical and practical advances in fitness and bodybuilding as well as the latest trends in sportswear and sports nutrition.

 BodyFit-Mons includes various events:

  1. The first day of the trade fair is reserved for professionals. There will be many stands for professionals from the fields of sport, sports health, wellness and nutrition to visit. 26 October will be a day for meetings amongst professionals.
  2. On 27 and 28 October, the trade fair will be open to everybody. The various exhibitors’ stands will offer professionals and other visitors opportunities to learn, and possibly acquire equipment and other gear, receive advice, and follow training to enrich their passion or profession.
  3. Lectures by professionals on various current topics so you can experience your profession and fuel your passion.
  4. Fitness professionals such as Radical Fitness Europe® and Zumba Fitness® will provide a lot of conventions and training sessions for 3 days. A great opportunity for athletes and sports enthusiasts to participate and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the sector.
  5. Zumba Master Class with Hermann Melo world-famous in the zumba® world and Elodie Armahanian.
  6. A tournament organised by the BMMAF (Belgian Mixed Martial Arts Federation), since 2014, a member of the IMMAF (International Mixed Martial Arts Federation).
  7. The Belgian Bodybuilding Championship in which all categories are organised in cooperation with the fair. For the first time, this official championship, which is being regulated by the Belgian branch of the International Federation for Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB), will take place in Mons. The IFBB, headquartered in Madrid, is the official international body that oversees the practice of bodybuilding and fitness and supervises many international events, such as the world championships and continental championships.
  8. Njoya League demonstrations - very intensive fitness program, a challenging sport with various types of WOD [Workout of the Day].
  9. Miss Wet T-shirt contest

BodyFit-Mons is an unmissable event for amateur and professional sportsmen and women. The semi-professional trade show on the first day (Friday 26th October), is dedicated to professionals, while the following two days are open to all.
The trade fair will be open from 2 to 10 pm on Friday (professionals day), and 10 am to 10 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Opening time

‘Professional day’, from 2 to 9  pm

from 10 am to 21 pm, general public

from 10 am to 21 pm, general public

Purchase of tickets

No presale tickets !

There is no presale system, tickets will be sold on site.

Free for children

Admission is free for children under 12 years old ≈1,5m

Some activities require pre-registration.
Registration fees for these activities also give free entrance to the trade fair as well as to the free trade fair activities (worth 10€)..